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Biodigester project for Sociedad Agropecuaria (SAG)

Sociedad Agropecuaria (SAG) is a poultry farm that produces eggs, with a population of 460,000 birds. Since 2012 the project implemented the biodigesters to handle its birds waste, feather control and mortalities.

Sociedad Agropecuaria produces 330 KW of green energy by exploiting biogas and also using this valuable resource for cooking the food that every day consumes every member of the SAG family.

With the wish of making the soil more productive SAG cultivates big pasture areas to elaborate compost as a second income source. Likewise, the company also grows plantain, pepper and papaya. All of its crops are fertilized with organic compost originating from the biodegradation of its waste in the biodigesters.

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