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Biodigestores anacrónicos - Terralimpia

Jan 21, 2013- With an investment above RD$40 millions, ten farms in the country will be producing this year its own electricity through the construction of anaerobic biodigesters that, after processing the solid wastes from the pigs and chickens, turns them into energy.

During 2012, four were built and another six will be added mid year with a total production capacity of one megawatt.

The installation of the biodigesters began in March of last year, in a pig farm located at Miranda, Bonao; where not only methane is produced but also organic fertilizers and hot water. The other projects are in Jarabacoa, La Vega; Villa Gonzalez y Tamboril, Santiago; as well at San Victor in the Espaillat province.

The project of clean energy is from Sanut company, which is looking to incentivize the national production sector to generate it's own energy, in pursuit of reducing operational costs and achieve being more competitive in the international market.

Miguel Lajara, CEO of Sanut, explained that biodigesters produce methane that gets released naturally during organic substances decomposition.

"In a single project, the savings are above RD$2.5 millions annually", he said. The return of investment will be made in three to four years.

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