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2012-HAC BAUTISTA-generacion 04 (2)

Baptist Farm
pig farm

The  Vega, Dominican Rep.


Agricultural  Baptist.  Pig farm located in the Cuturpú sector, La Vega, Dominican Republic with a population of 1,600 mothers.  


From  2012  all  his  Energy  with  the  exploitation  of the  biogas from  of the  system  from  treatment  anachronistic  from  the  organic waste through biodigesters.


Besides,  Agricultural  Baptist  uses  the  heat  coming from  of the  generator  a  biogas  for  the  heating  from  the  little pigs  in  gestation  Y  in  the  heating  of the  Water  potable  doing  plus  profitable  the  maintenance  from  the  services  basics  for  the  adequate  farm operation.  

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